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At Refinery Strength and Conditioning, we implement a scientific and education based training program. Using scientifically proven methods and standardized assessments through movement screens, we deliver highly individualized training programs that range from your youth novice athlete to elite professional athletes. Using these proven methods will allow Refinery Strength to utilize the same format in training your stay at home mom, CEO, post-rehabilitation, all the way to the unique population clientele, who have specific needs and restrictions. With highly professional college educated coaches, who continue to earn credible rapport by putting the client first, we are collaborating with most of the orthopedic surgeons, medical groups, and physical therapy offices in the area to create a seamless transition from therapy to training. Using the top professionals in their respective fields from nutrition to massage therapy, Refinery Strentgh prides itself on delivering the best coaching in the area to live a healthy lifestyle free of illness and injury.



Education Includes:

  • B.S Exercise Science, S.U.N.Y Cortland

  • NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

  • FMS - Functional Movement Screen Level 2

  • P3 Mentorship - Professional Athlete Development Facility





Luke Guanzon, founder and Head Strength and Conditioning coach, received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the State University of New York at Cortland.


Luke continues to utilize his 15 years of experience in the fitness industry to manage various high-end gyms, work with top professionals in his field, and coaching athletes of all spectrums. He brings a vast array of experience and knowledge to his clientele. Through scientific methodologies, standardized testing and assessments, Luke delivers highly-detailed programs.


Keeping an open mind; thinking outside the box while still using quantifiable data he delivers efficient periodized training programs that are highly specific to each. With the focus on health and performance, we break the body down, so it works as efficiently and functionally as possible with a high emphasis on injury prevention and corrective exercise. This method delivers effective and scientifically proven results to achieve the ultimate goal of the client.


Having experienced, contributed to, and consulted on the start of several studio gyms as well as significant health clubs he saw that the industry was getting too broad and flashy and negating the one thing that is most important, the human body and how it works. Being an athlete himself all throughout college, he played competitive varsity soccer, and he knows what the body can and cannot do.


Once you know how the body works you can then look at it as a machine that has highly specific moving parts. By breaking the body down and keeping things simple, Luke has seen excellent results in his diverse clients from the CEOs in the world, elite athletes, post-rehab, and individuals with special needs. This has led him to train some of the highest caliber athletes from all over the country, as well as being an educator, and lecturer. Now he is bringing his vision, experience, passion, and results into his own training company.



"In just 6 months of training with Luke I lost 38 pounds"


January 10, 2014

"Reaching my goal of 22% body fat was so easy with Luke


February 10, 2016

"I crossed the finish line on my first marathon"


March 25, 2016



36 Midland Ave

Port Chester, NY 10573

P: 845-641-6719


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