“I love it because as I hit my midday lull, the steak gives me the protein I need to keep up with my nutrition goals, and the complex carbs from a sweet potato keeps me satiated longer. It tastes amazing!”

Favorite Healthy Lunch

“This is my favorite shoe to train people in all day. I have a wider foot and this sneaker has some stretch to it. The best part of the shoe is that it is super-light and has minimal support, so my foot and ankle muscles have to support my foot.

Favorite Sneakers

"Luke Guanzon, who teaches TEAM Boot Camp, is another of LifeTime’s most coveted coaches."

Fitness Phenoms

"Some people don’t realize that treadmill running is generally easier than outdoor running."

Fit Every Season

“Many drinks and powders are unregulated by the FDA, so you have no clue what you are actually putting into your body,”